Cantera Reactor and Equilibrium Calculator

Set Inlet/Initial Gas State and Output

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Equilibrium/gas properties of the above gas state


Reactor Calculation

Choose Reactor Type Batch PFR CSTR
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CSTR inlet mass flow (kg/s)
CSTR volume (m^3)
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Premixed Flame Calculation

Enter initial grid
Enter rtol, atol for SS problem
Enter rtol, atol for time stepping
Check for multi-component transport

Nonpremixed Flamelet Calculation

Enter stream data
Enter stream Z=0 Temperature (K)
Enter stream Z=1 Temperature (K)
Enter stream Z=0 composition as shown
Enter stream Z=1 composition as shown
Mole or Mass entry Mole Mass

χmax (1/s)
# grid points
Runtime factor · 2/χmax
Timestep factor · 2·ΔZ2max